GERO sandbox ballistic protection 10 pieces

10 "HESCO" bags

For the rapid erection of barriers and as ballistic protection 
in warehouse construction, wire mesh baskets have been used for some years.
This option is filled with sand, rubble or debris on site and thus allows
a quick erection, concrete must be carried.
10 pieces of high-quality ceramic Therefore, the pioneer with the elements called Hesco Bastion is available.

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GERO Concrete walls + barricades 21 pieces

Concrete walls + barricades
Exactly from high-quality ceramic
Roadblocks + concrete walls to set up a border post or camp entrances.
An advantage of these concrete walls is the good ballistic protection 
as well as a light flexible positioning barrier. 5 Concrete walls (connectable) + 10 holding feet 2
Road obstacle + 4 holding feet concrete gray Attention: You need adhesive to assemble. Glue and paint are not included in this set.

12,90 €

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